Rare Disease Denied by Social Security because they never heard of It

25-year old client who suffers from cholesteatoma, a relatively rare medical condition which can lead to significant hearing loss. She applied for Social Security Disability benefits and was denied and a hearing date was later scheduled. She was shocked to learn that no attorney would take her case. Each attorney coldly explained that her claim presented too many challenges.

She contacted David Allen & Associates. She expected to hear the same rejection script, but this time, things were different. She and her attorney worked closely together and, ultimately, our client received a fully favorable decision. Social Security began making monthly payments.

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At David Allen & Associates you will find Personal Injury attorneys to help people injured in motor vehicle accidents, social security disability and long term disability lawyers to help those who cannot work, and Insurance Bad Faith lawyers to help policyholders collect the benefits they paid for. All of our attorneys share an unwavering commitment to helping our Personal Injury, Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability clients recover, and they have excellent track records of success when it comes to gaining decisions for their injured clients.

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