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Prostitute Sues When She Was Revealed to Family
Video Uploaded on: 7/18/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which jurors awarded $1.7 million as reimbursement for embarrassment and upset to a prostitute. He explains the basis for the verdict. He also explains the nature of the cause of action which was used to obtain the reimbursement.

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Fines for Nonconforming Format
Video Uploaded on: 7/11/2017         

A law firm representing Amazon Web Services Inc. filed pleadings in a Manhattan federal District Court. Attorney David Allen explains why the federal District Court fined the law firm over $1000 for using a slightly smaller spacing then “double spacing” on its brief.

New Pastry Business Argue States Regulations a Denial of Due Process
Video Uploaded on: 6/27/2017         

Attorney David Allen examines a a case involving three Wisconsin women who were beginning a business baking pastries at home and selling them to the public. The State required them to obtain a license. The license essentially required the pastries be prepared in a commercial kitchen. The women contended this was a denial of due process since other food prepared in home kitchens, such as jams and canned goods, could be sold to the public without a license.

Defendant Seeks New Trial Because Attorney Was Late to Court
Video Uploaded on: 6/20/2017         

Attorney David Allen examines a case in which a lawyer was absent 7 min. during a criminal trial. The accused was convicted of child pornography. He sought a new trial contending he was denied the right to effective counsel. The case was eventually decided by the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jury Tells Starbucks to Pay Coffee Burned Woman $100,000
Video Uploaded on: 6/13/2017         

Attorney David Allen explores a case in which Starbucks was ordered to reimburse a woman $100,000 for severe burns she received from a cup of coffee. He explores the arguments made to the jury. He describes the evidence.

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Teenager Sentenced to Lifetime Registration a Sex Offender
Video Uploaded on: 6/6/2017         

Attorney David Allen explains a decision made by a court in South Carolina which ordered a 15-year-old found guilty of sexual assault to lifetime registration as a sex offender. His attorneys argued the sentence was far too harsh for someone under 18 years of age. The case was finally resolved by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Private Disability Ins. v.s. Social Security Disability
Video Uploaded on: 5/30/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses the difference between two disability programs that many people are confused by; Private Disability Insurance (a.k.a. Long Term Disability Insurance) and Social Security Disability.

Sleepiness and Assistance of Counsel
Video Uploaded on: 5/23/2017         

David Allen reviews a case in which a criminal defendant, accused of mortgage fraud, brought a motion for a new trial following his conviction. He argued that he was denied the assistance of counsel guaranteed by the sixth amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He contended the evidence showed his defense counsel fell asleep on more than one occasion.

Cause of Action for Racial Discrimination for One-Time Racial Slur?
Video Uploaded on: 5/17/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which Otis Daniel, a former fire safety director for T& M Protection Resources in New York brought a claim for racial discrimination. There was conflicting evidence as to what took place in the workplace. There was clear evidence there was a one-time use of the notorious N word. His employer argued that was insufficient to support a claim for discrimination. The case was eventually decided by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Man Wants to Change His Date of Birth on his Birth Certificate
Video Uploaded on: 5/9/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which a Minnesota man petitioned a trial court to change the date on his birth certificate. He contended that due to mental illness he lacked the emotional maturity of people who were his chronological age. To better match his chronological age to his emotional age she wanted to have his per certificate altered. The case was finally decided by a Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Requirements Governing the Ability to Take a Bar Exam
Video Uploaded on: 5/2/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which Caleb Harlin applied to take the Oklahoma bar exam even though he never graduated from college. David Allen reviews the various ways in which people can become eligible to take the bar examination.

Paternity and Child Support
Video Uploaded on: 4/25/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses the way in which paternity questions can be brought before a court. Lisa Summers was the mother of two children. She questioned whether the man who helped her raise the children was in fact their father. He never questioned whether he was the father. Lisa Summers raised the question of paternity after she was ordered to pay child support. The case was eventually resolved by a Missouri Court of Appeals.

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