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Fingerprints Viewed As “Mark of the Devil”
Video Uploaded on: 3/20/2018         

Attorney David Allen examines a case in which school bus driver Bonnie Katie contends her fingerprints could not be taken because that would subject her to “the mark of the Devil”. She argued that under the book of revelations she would be barred from have an as a result. Her employer contended the State of Pennsylvania required the fingerprints for a background check. Bonnie Katie then sued her employer contending she was being discriminated against.

Stuffed Animals Needed for “Divine Guidance”
Video Uploaded on: 3/13/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case arising from the claims of a prison inmate, Christopher Greif. He contended he needed an abundant number of stuffed animals in his cell. The stuffed animals provided him with “divine guidance”. He contended his religious beliefs were going to be violated if the animals were removed. The case was initially heard in a federal district court and appealed to the second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Case Tossed Because Attorney Is 29 Min. Late
Video Uploaded on: 3/6/2018         

Attorney David Allen highlights a case arising in New York in which a sole practitioner attempted to make three court appearances in different counties in one morning. He arrived 29 min. late for a federal district court appearance. The judge ordered the case dismissed. On appeal the circuit court reviewed the severe nature of the penalty for tardiness.

Defendant Contends Facebook Postings Undermined Lawsuit
Video Uploaded on: 2/27/2018         

Attorney David Allen explains the impact of making posts on social media. In this instance Pennsylvania woman, Nancy Nicolaou, sued a doctor for medical malpractice. She contended he misdiagnosed her as suffering from MS. The doctor argued she brought the case too late. He pointed to posting she made on Facebook stating she thought the diagnosis was wrong. Yet she failed to bring suit before the statute of limitations expired.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Contends Pardon Vacates His Conviction
Video Uploaded on: 2/20/2018         

Attorney David Allen points out the limits of a pardon granted to someone convicted of a criminal act. He discusses the case of former sheriff Joe Arpaio who was a pardoned by President Trump. Attorneys for former sheriff argued the entire record of the criminal contempt conviction needed to be eradicated. The prosecutors disagreed.

Defamation and Public Figures
Video Uploaded on: 2/7/2018         

Attorney David Allen analyzes the decision made when Sara Palin sued the New York Times for defamation. He describes the standard which applies to public figures. It is a standard different than the standard which applies to average individuals.

Pennsylvania Court Decides Whether Facebook Posts Are Evidence
Video Uploaded on: 1/30/2018         

Attorney David Allen examines a case in which Pennsylvania man Joseph Gumpher III made posts on Facebook. After he quit his job he wrote posts stating he “chose not to” work and it was “time to relax for a while”. He then brought claim for unemployment compensation. The court had to decide whether the posts were admissible evidence.

Law Doesn't Differentiate Consensual Sex and Explicit Material
Video Uploaded on: 1/23/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which Indiana man Sameer Thakar was prosecuted for dissemination of matter harmful to minors. He sent sexually explicit pictures to a 16-year-old girl in Oregon. His attorneys argued that there was an inconsistency in the law of Indiana. Someone who was 16 years of age could consent to sexual activity. In view of this it was irrational and a lack of continuity to prosecute someone for sending sexually explicit pictures to someone 16 years of age. The case was eventually decided by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Oregon Couple Sues to Silence Barking Dogs
Video Uploaded on: 1/16/2018         

Attorney David Allen analyzes a case involving two couples in Oregon. One couple raised very noisy dogs. Deborah and Dale Krein, a neighboring couple, sued the dog owners. They sought money in exchange for the hassles caused by the barking dogs and wanted a judge to bring an end to the barking. David Allen explains why the court made the decision it did.

Alienation of Affection Law Challenged as Unconstitutional
Video Uploaded on: 1/9/2018         

Attorney David Allen provides an explanation of alienation of affection laws. The case involves a North Carolina couple, one of whom engaged in an extramarital affair. When the offended spouse brought suit against his wife’s lover the man contended the law against alienation of affections was unconstitutional.

Man Sues Publication That Says He Wasn’t Inventor of E-Mail
Video Uploaded on: 12/27/2017         

Attorney David Allen explores a case involving a man who obtained a copyright on an electronic mail system when he was 14 years old. He contended he was an inventor of e-mail. A technical publication called him a “liar “and “fake”. He sued them for defamation. David Allen explains the difficulties involved in defamation suits.

Wedding Cake Baker Refuses to Provide Cake to Gay Couple
Video Uploaded on: 12/19/2017         

Attorney David Allen examines the case in which Colorado baker Jack Phillips refused to provide a wedding cake to a gay couple. He examines the arguments of free speech and the manner in which government cannot compel speech. This argument was offered on behalf of Jack Phillips. He also looks at the equal protection argument on behalf of the couple seeking to purchase the wedding cake. The importance of the decision by the US Attorney General to file a brief on behalf of Jack Phillips is also discussed.

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